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Dear Family and Friends,

I’ve just listened to Dr. Bradley Nelson being interviewed by Darius Barazandeh on Wealth REVOLUTION Shift 2012! FANTASTIC!!! He vanishes emotional blockages that have created HEART WALLS around our hearts using simple Muscle Testing and magnets! God has given DR. NELSON the knowledge and step-by-step process to remove current and ancestral emotional “HEART WALLS”, which are causing many people unnecessary PAIN AND DISEASE! If YOU do not PERSONALLY have a HEALTHY and PAIN-FREE life RIGHT NOWas you read these words, then I invite you to read the attached eBook entitled “The Emotion Code” by Dr. Bradley nelson, so you can discover how to rid yourself of “heart walls” that could very well be blocking your Happiness, Joy, Abundance, Love, Health, and/or Harmony and Success in your LIFE!


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