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Copied from:  http://web.archive.org/web/20040606010102/http://cafrman.com/DownloadingPrograms.htm

Downloading this site.

You can download the CAFRman.com web site in a zip format. You do not need an unzip program in order to unzip the files after downloading. You can view the site in your Internet browser.

Steps In Downloading:

1. To downloaded the site, right mouse click on the link and then click save target as, if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer. If your using Netscape Navigator, then just click on the link below.

Site (File Size: 2.01 MB):

Place your cursor here and right mouse click to download the CAFRman.com site.

2. Place the file in its own directory.

3. Double click on the file.

4. In the screen shown, click on the menu item “Self Extract”.

5. Select “All files”. Select “Execute”.

6. After downloading the files, you should start with the Read Me file which explains how to get started in viewing the site CAFRman.com.

Downloading the CAFR Review Guide and Computer Program.

An individual no longer needs Microsoft® Excel to conduct a review of their government(s) CAFR. A very simple program has been created in which an individual only needs Microsofit Windows, which most people already have on their computer.

In addition, the CAFR Review Guide can be read and printed from your Internet browser.

File Directory

We recommend establishing a directory with the name “CAFR Review Program”. The downloaded zipped file should be placed in this directory.

Downloading Zipped File (Size 4,247 KB)

To downloaded the CAFR Review Guide and Computer Program, right mouse click on the link below,and then click to save link as….(Netscape Navigator), or save target as…(Microsoft Internet Explorer).

Place your cursor here and right mouse click to download the CAFRman.Computer Program.

1. Place the file in its own directory. We recommend “CAFR Review Program”.

2. Double click on the file ZipCAFR.exe.

3. In the screen shown, click on the menu item “Self Extract”.

4. Select “All files”. Select “Execute”.

The unzipped files will be in three directories:

1. CAFR Computer Program
2. Review Guide
3. SetupExe

Establishing the CAFR.exe in Proper Directory

The steps to setting up your computer to be able to run the CAFR.exe program:

1. Go to the SetupExe directory
2. Locate and double click on the Setup.exe file
3. Follow the instructions provided; however, when the instructions state:

“Project1 Setup

Begin the installation by clicking the button below” – click on “Change Directory”

Change the “Directory” to “C:\CAFR Review Program\CAFR Computer Program”

Follow the rest of the instructions.

This should install the program on your computer and it will place a “CAFR.exe” file in your CAFR Computer Program directory.

4. From your internet browser open the file “C:\CAFR Review Program\Review Guide\MainMenu.htm”

For Microsoft™ Excel, Lotus™1-2-3, Quattro Pro, StarOffice, and other spreadsheet users

There are many people who have various spreadsheet programs who are familiar with their operation. Some of these people have asked if we had developed a spreadsheet program that would accomplish the same thing as the Visual Basic (VB) stand alone program that can be downloaded from this site.

While we were creating the downloadable program we used Microsoft™ Excel as the basis for writing the program.

We have taken that base and have put the entire program in one Microsoft™ Excel workbook. An individual can conduct a review of a State, county, city, AND school distict by using just one workbook. It can be downloaded in about 2 minutes or less.

All the data on the workbook is integrated. That means all the State data is transferred to the appropriate State worksheets and then converted automatically to the proper numbering designation and entered on the final Combined Economic Impact Analysis worksheet. This provides a combined effect of State and county; State and city; State, county, and school district; and State, city and school district’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR).

Because the program is almost exactly the same as the downloadable VB program, the same Review Guide (Instructions) can be used to complete the various worksheets in the spreadsheet. This Review Guide does not have to be downloaded, because it is accessible from the site.

Today most spreadsheet programs (Lotus 1-2-3, Quattro Pro, etc.) can convert Microsoft™ Excel files to their own format including the macros contained therein. This adds a new deminsion to the reviews of State and local government CAFRs.

This program is currently being Beta tested but since every thing seems to be working OK, we decided to let everyone participate. If you encounter any problems, please let us know.

The Program can be brought up in your browser if you have Microsoft™ Excel on your computer. You can also save the program (file) to a directory on your hard drive or to a diskette without having to have Excel on your computer. Then the Excel file can be converted to another spread sheet program. The file has an .xls extension (Microsoft™ Excel extension).

Either left or right mouse click here.

There is a second Microsoft™ Excel file that can be brought up in the browser or saved. This is a “repair” file for the above program. This workbook is the same as the above workbook except that instead of empty cells it has the formulas entered for every cell that has a formula. So when your cat walks across your keyboard, your child spills something on the keyboard, or you delete a row or column, you can repair the damaged worksheet using this workbook.

Either left or right mouse click here.

If you have any questions on downloading these programs, please email CAFRman@CAFRman.com .

Copyright© 2002 All Rights Reserved

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